As we come around the bend towards the finish line of our Kickstarter project 'Traveling at the Speed of Light,' we can say with certainty that we have learned, and will continue to learn, a great deal. We have a far better understanding of what will be successful… and what might fail. We are far more aware of our interests and the geographical subjects that we work with best. And... we probably have multiple bodies of public light-based artwork that will grow out of this cross-country project. 

Our time in Kansas City, MO was brief, but purposeful, as we not only acquired a wonderful new friend, but also found a new and compelling light subject to work with in the future- abandoned and dilapidated structures.  

From day one of this project, lighting an abandoned space was on our radar. Enter Morgan Miller- a fantastic Kansas City based photographer, who also happens to be warm, welcoming, and just plain fun to be around. Morgan heard about our Kickstarter project through a mutual friend's Facebook post and decided to look into it. Then… she donated. We quickly became friends through social media, which led to us orchestrating a light installation at her parent's farm property in Lawson, MO.  

We weren't exactly sure what we were going to do when we arrived, but after scoping out their deserted barn, we knew we had a winner. It was indeed our chance to work with an abandoned space, but in somewhat of a safe, controlled environment. We begin by working with lighting the inside.

Then, we stepped outside.

The outside of the barn was undeniably intriguing- the light seeping through the cracks. The structure suddenly came alive, touting a creepy and mysterious glow. The lights were on, but no body was home. After witnessing the power of the lights bursting through the gaps of the wooded barn walls, we spent most of the night outside!

As of now, we are on the hunt for more abandoned spaces and anticipate this as an upcoming series once our current project comes to a close. Next stops are Dallas and Austin!! Texas… we might mess with you… just a little!