Knomad. Colab.

Knomad Colab is a collaborative duo that seeks to transform the spaces in which we exist through the creation of site-specific public art interactions and interventions. Environment, site history, and cultural identity are important elements in shaping each installation as a unique art experience. Exploring the outdoors as both an unconventional canvas and gallery space, we are typically drawn to natural, abandoned, and industrial sites. To bring our concepts to life, we employ the science of imaginary solutions along with graphic design, material fabrication, and lighting design. Often offering art only as an intangible, temporary experience, our work contemplates impermanence through reverence for history and celebration of progress.  

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

                                                                            -Winston Churchill


To commission an installation or purchase limited edition prints,

contact knomadcolab@gmail.com or 303-956-7617.